Committed to you and your clients' success. Always.

Our difference

You work hard every day to help your clients successfully reach their goals. That's why we're committed to helping you, your clients, and your practice succeed over the long term. It's how our mission is aligned with yours.

How does our difference and our mutual mission help you and your clients succeed? To start, our unique, investor-owned business model1 is different by design—fostering an unwavering focus on investors. We don't have outside owners taking a portion of your clients' returns. It's how we can continuously lower our investment costs and improve bottom-line performance. But that's just the beginning.

You'll find we offer a comprehensive suite of well-equipped investment products to fit any sleeve in your clients' portfolios. We can help evolve your client relationships with the Vanguard Advisor's Alpha® framework to build trust, enhance loyalty, and foster long-term client retention. And we empower your practice with technology, tools, and unique market and economic perspectives to help you serve your clients more efficiently and effectively.

Equipping your clients’ portfolios

Whether your clients need actively managed investments or index products, either as mutual funds or as ETFs, you're sure to find the right investment to meet their needs. And we're constantly adding more sustainable opportunities to our lineup.

To explore our products and our investment management approaches in more detail, simply click on the categories below or view all of our available products.

Evolving your relationships

Your client relationships are the core of your practice. That's why we're committed to helping you enhance your client value by providing you with Vanguard Advisor's Alpha®, our best-practice service model. You'll get our proprietary research and our incomparable firsthand knowledge of investors as well as learn how that knowledge informs our unique perspectives on investor behaviors.

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Vanguard Advisor's Alpha®

Add value for clients by focusing on relationship-management services such as financial planning, behavioral coaching, and wealth management.

Empowering your practice

Running a financial advisory business is tough. With the everchanging nature of investment, regulatory, and competitive landscape, you need to stay informed. When it comes to the financial markets and the economy, you can count on us to provide you with timely insights on a regular basis.

And you'll have exclusive access to our growing cadre of analytic tools and technology to enhance your practice's efficiency.

Model portfolios

Add scale and efficiency with broadly diversified, low-cost model portfolios.

Portfolio analytics

Create and evaluate a client portfolio. Analyze hypothetical performance, risk statistics, asset allocation, sector breakdowns, region weighting, compare two portfolios side-by-side, and more.

Company Information and insights 

As the trusted name in investing since our founding in 1975, we remain committed to putting investors first. Our focus and discipline at the corporate level has garnered strong results for nearly 50 years.

Visit our Company Information and insights site for a closer look at our perspective, industry-leading research, and other valuable investment insights.

If you have any questions or need additional information about our investment products or advisor services, please contact us.

Disclosures and footnotes

1. Vanguard is owned by its funds, which are owned by Vanguard's fund shareholder clients.


  • All investing is subject to risk, including possible loss of principal.
  • Vanguard ETF Shares are not redeemable with the issuing Fund other than in very large aggregations worth millions of dollars. Instead, investors must buy and sell Vanguard ETF Shares in the secondary market and hold those shares in a brokerage account. In doing so, the investor may incur brokerage commissions and may pay more than net asset value when buying and receive less than net asset value when selling.