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intergenerational wealth transfer

Help clients prepare the next generation

Explore these advisor and end-client resources to prepare yourself, your clients, and clients' family members for an intergenerational transfer of assets.

Why intergenerational wealth preparedness is essential

Without a plan to safeguard family wealth beyond a head of household’s lifetime, families risk losing that wealth to chance. That’s where you can make a tremendous difference. Bridging the understanding gap between clients and the people who stand to inherit their wealth can deepen your relationships, put future generations on a solid financial path, and maintain assets under your fiduciary stewardship long after a client’s passing.


of wealth will be transferred to heirs and charity between 2021 and 2045*


of bequestors believe heirs are at least “somewhat informed” about their wealth-transfer plans*


of recipients said they did not learn of their inheritance until after a bequestor’s passing*

Arrange and prepare for family meetings

Communication often makes the difference between families losing their wealth or carrying out a shared vision for it. Family meetings let your clients and their heirs map out that vision. These resources can help you and your clients make sure those meetings are productive and engaging.



Get clients ready

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Financial education assessment

This pre-meeting assessment for clients helps you determine how much they, their life partners, and their heirs know about investments, other financial tools, and the principles of building and protecting wealth.

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Partner preparedness assessment

This assessment can affirm the ability of clients and their partners to respond to emergencies or can reveal gaps in their preparedness that you can help them address.

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Critical financial checklist

This checklist provides a structured framework for clients to record the status and custodians of their financial assets and documents. In the event of emergency, it serves as a quick-reference guide for clients' loved ones or other survivors.

Discuss asset-transfer strategies

Many clients will require sophisticated and highly customized guidance to navigate the rules of wealth transfer. Whether they give their wealth to others during their lifetimes or after they’ve passed away, clients will want to minimize taxes and ensure that beneficiaries are well-informed. These resources can educate clients and facilitate deeper conversations with you on how to carry out their wishes.



Vanguard Research


These client-approved, downloadable PDFs can help educate your clients’ family members so they are better equipped to handle the responsibility of inherited wealth.


  • Investment basics

    Teach clients about fundamental investment concepts, including the four major asset classes, the importance of diversification, how to keep the markets in perspective, and how mutual funds and ETFs work.

  • Saving for college

    Use this practical guide to give your clients a better understanding of the cost of sending a child to college and the many savings and tuition payment options available.

  • Social security benefits

    Your clients will learn when they can start taking Social Security benefits, the pros and cons to delaying benefits, spousal and survivor benefits, and how to understand their Social Security statement.

  • Estate planning

    Help your clients understand the importance of estate planning with this education guide that outlines basic estate planning tools, the importance of taxes, estate planning and children, and more.

Other resources for managing clients’ wealth

As clients’ wealth grows, so does the complexity of their financial situations and needs. As an effective wealth manager, you bring to bear the full scope of your advice toolkit—from financial planning and portfolio management to behavioral coaching.

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Disclosures and footnotes

*The Cerulli Edge: U.S. Retail Investor Edition; The Wealth Transfer Issue. 2023. Cerulli Associates: Boston


  • All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.
  • We recommend that you consult a tax or financial advisor about your individual situation.