Get expert insights into uncertain times

November 12, 2020 | Event

Get expert insights into uncertain times

Catch the replays of the October 15 Vanguard Advisor Symposium!

More than 1,800 of your peers heard expert insights to help them better serve their clients at this live interactive event. Whether or not you were one of them, viewing the event replays gives you a second chance to benefit from the perspectives of industry thought leaders.

You can dive into one or all of the five event session replays. You’ll learn from experts as they answer advisors’ questions and share insights such as:

“In terms of our U.S. allocation, it's not about getting exposure to the U.S. economy, it's about getting exposure to a very small number of companies—Tesla, Illumina, Amazon—that are changing the world.”
  Lawrence Burns
Co-Manager, Vanguard International Growth Fund, Baillie Gifford
Session: Will the pandemic accelerate investment opportunities?
“You really have to leverage technology … to scale the expertise of the advisor.”
  Tim Buckley
Vanguard Chairman and CEO
Session: Finding the way forward in an unprecedented year
“Interactions will remain largely digital. Clients, when we spoke to them, don't necessarily want to go back to all the old ways of interacting.”
  Anna Zakrzewski
Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group
Session: The changing future of wealth management


What are you waiting for? View the replays now.

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