Evaluating GenAI’s potential for advisors

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Evaluating GenAI’s potential for advisors

Expert Perspective


April 22, 2024

Time is an advisor’s “most scarce and valuable asset,” says Lauren Wilkinson, head of Vanguard Financial Advisor Services Technology, in an opinion piece for MarketWatch.

In the article, Lauren adds that generative AI can help advisors more effectively manage time and devote more energy to building deeper relationships with clients.

And while there are risks laid out in the piece that come with evolving technology, she says that advisors who “welcome technology and incorporate it judiciously have the potential to deliver better results.”

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Watch a conversation with Lauren, Vanguard Chief Technology Officer Michael Carr, and Head of Emerging Technology Research Jon Cambras where they dive into emerging technologies like AI. You’ll learn how its implementation could positively affect your practice now and into the future.



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