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401(k) plans—opportunities and challenges

For many financial advisors, generating a steady stream of income from multiple sources is an important goal. The means to do so may be hiding in plain sight: 401(k) retirement plans for the small and midsize business market. Industry data show most 401(k) plans are offered by businesses that, more often than not, turn control of the plan over to a financial advisor.* Vanguard Retirement Plan Access can help advisors serve the needs of small and midsize businesses while generating durable fee income.

Most businesses don't have the resources to conduct fee due diligence, select funds, develop an investment-policy statement, provide participant education, and handle compliance issues, to name some plan requirements. But advisors thinking about taking on or expanding their retirement services may also be daunted by the benefits expertise required. Wouldn't it be ideal if a trusted partner could provide comprehensive support that allows advisors to expand existing advisory relationships?

Leveraging the expertise of an industry leader

Vanguard Retirement Plan Access is designed to help small and midsize businesses establish 401(k) plans by making the plans as simple to operate and as low cost as possible. Vanguard's service is designed to reach advisors who want to increase their retirement plan fee income without compromising their ability to serve other clients. By pairing with Vanguard, advisors will be aligning with a name your clients—and plan participants—know and trust.

The following are among the features you can offer your clients through Vanguard Retirement Plan Access:

  • Access to more than 10,000 funds, including low-cost Vanguard funds and non-Vanguard funds.
  • Flexible arrangements for setting and collecting fees.
  • Extensive plan sponsor and participant support.
  • Compliance, fiduciary, and documentation support.
  • Recordkeeping and trustee services provided through industry leaders.
  • Compatibility with third-party administrators.

Through this service, Vanguard is committed to supporting advisors who want to tap the growing 401(k) market. Vanguard Retirement Plan Access aligns with our belief that all plan sponsors and advisors should be able to offer high-quality, cost-effective retirement plans to their employees and clients, respectively.

A win-win proposition

Here's what's in it for:

  • Advisors: Flexible fee arrangements, deeper relationship with clients
  • Plan sponsor clients: Low costs, support for employees, attractive employee benefit
  • Employees: Low costs, educational and service support

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*Sources: Cerulli, Retirement Plan Distribution Dynamics: Small- and Mid-Sized Plan Focus, 2012; and Vanguard.