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As policy tightens, expect only modest yield rises

Live webcast: Midyear economic and market outlook

Get our midyear economic assessment--plus practical ways to put those insights into practice--at a Q&A webcast featuring Vanguard experts.

Market perspectives: June 2021

What do disappointing job numbers and peaking inflation mean for the economy going forward? Find out now.

The coming drivers of inflation

Vanguard's global chief economist, Joe Davis, explains what’s behind a forthcoming rise in U.S. core inflation.

Market perspectives: May 2021

Growth continues to pick up in the U.S. as the vaccine rollout continues, but some regions are lagging behind. Find out why.

Rising rates don’t negate benefits of bonds

Why investors should maintain their bond positions even in an environment of rising interest rates.

Why we don’t expect Fed rate hikes anytime soon

The Fed kept rates intact at its March 17 meeting. Its approach to inflation and jobs means hikes may be a way off.

Asset bubbles and where to find them

It's hard to identify an asset bubble. We assess whether future income scenarios can justify an asset's price.

No end in sight for pandemic policy support

Supportive monetary and fiscal policy may not go away anytime soon. What could happen to the economy when it does?

A timetable for overcoming COVID-19

The pace of vaccinations holds the key to achieving COVID-19 herd immunity and to economic recovery. Find out why.

Get our comprehensive 2021 economic outlook research

Get Vanguard’s take on the global economy in our white paper.

Remote work and its long-range effects

A Vanguard analysis finds that about 15% of all U.S. jobs can permanently be performed remotely.

COVID-19 vaccine: A decade of idea-sharing at work

We're not surprised that a COVID-19 vaccine came this far so quickly. It was a decade of idea-sharing in the making.

The election, investing, and what really matters

The U.S. presidential election gives investors the chance to assess their comfort with uncertainty they know is coming.

Vanguard readies for life after LIBOR

As this important financial industry benchmark will cease to exist after 2021, Vanguard has begun preparing to transition away from it.

Elections matter, but not so much to clients' investments

Clients may worry about what an election means for their portfolios. This article provides research and resources to help alleviate their concerns.

Envisioning a post-pandemic future

The COVID-19 pandemic has immediate implications and others that will become clear and meaningful only over time.

2020 midyear economic highlights

Get highlights from our midyear global economic outlook and learn where the markets may go from here.

Vanguard economists discuss their global outlook

Vanguard economists take stock of how COVID-19 has reshaped their outlook for the economy and where they see markets going from here.

How can emerging markets get through the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt emerging markets a great challenge. The way out won't be easy. Nor is all lost.