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Shining a light on opening auctions when trading ETFs

Live webcast: What’s next for fixed income?

Get expert insights into ETF trends and bond investing strategies at a live webcast: A Vanguard deep dive: What’s next for fixed income?

How commodities stand apart as an inflation hedge

New Vanguard research shows that no asset class provides a hedge against unexpected inflation like commodities.

Why economic recoveries look different around the world

Differences in consumption demand partly explain why global economic recoveries from the pandemic won’t look alike.

Our ESG ETFs: Apply values-based exclusions to a broad market index

This overview from FTSE Russell illustrates the effects of their ESG screening processes on the FTSE US All Cap Choice Index and the FTSE Global All Cap ex US Choice Index.

Discover key portfolio construction trends: Live webinar

Get expert insights into portfolio construction trends at a live webinar, Portfolio insights: Effective investment strategies in the current market.

Clients searching for yield? Consider corporate bond ETFs

With bond yields and interest rates at historically low levels, should corporate bond ETFs be on your radar as you search for yield?

How fixed income markets responded to the pandemic

Vanguard's assessment of the fixed income ecosystem during the height of the COVID-19 volatility in March 2020.

Core bond funds: Strength when you need it

Core bond funds help strengthen client portfolios. Vanguard Core Bond Fund (VCOBX) has offered that stability since its inception in 2016.

Vanguard files for active Core-Plus Bond Fund

The actively managed fixed income offering is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Active Fixed Income Perspectives: Q3 2021

Get detailed analysis and insights into active fixed income sectors, as well implications for client portfolios and Vanguard funds.

Building a fixed income allocation one block at a time


Watch this short video to see how Vanguard Bond ETFs® can help you create allocations to fine-tune interest rate risk and credit risk while getting exposure to the total U.S. bond market.

  Watch video

Factor ETFs: Driving outcomes after a wild 3-year ride

With our factor ETFs hitting their 3-year mark, let's check in with factor expert Antonio Picca about the state of the lineup, the market environment, and portfolio implementation strategies.

New business models in banking bring new credit risks

Vanguard’s credit team weighs the effects of lower-for-longer rates, sees most value in U.S. and Australian banks.

Vanguard to offer direct indexing solution

Vanguard is acquiring direct indexing provider Just Invest, which will enable advisors to offer tech-driven, highly customizable investment solutions.

Continuity in a time of change at Vanguard Fixed Income Group

As she prepares to lead Vanguard Fixed Income Group, Sara Devereux discusses her leadership style and future plans.

Our approach to ESG investing: Engage, allocate, and avoid

Vanguard believes in making ESG matters relevant across the entire fund lineup. Learn how we integrate ESG considerations into our product design and investment processes in three ways; engage, allocate, and avoid.

VTI: 20 years old and still going strong

Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF turns 20! VTI helped pave the way for low-cost, broad-market indexing in ETFs while shaping the marketplace in many ways.

As policy tightens, expect only modest yield rises

Vanguard expects rises in bond yields to be modest as central banks unwind loose monetary policy in coming years.

New benchmarks for Dividend Appreciation funds

S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC will be the index provider, for the benchmark switch, which will be effective during the third quarter of 2021.



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A monthly audio series that addresses topical investment issues on the minds of your clients.