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Special edition: Market perspectives August 2021

A midyear update on our economic and market outlook

Differences in vaccination rates and varied levels of fiscal support are likely to produce uneven economic growth.

Market perspectives: July 2021

In the coming weeks, expect growth to ramp up in the third quarter while the job market continues to improve. Find out what’s driving the changes.

As policy tightens, expect only modest yield rises

Vanguard expects rises in bond yields to be modest as central banks unwind loose monetary policy in coming years.

Market perspectives: June 2021

What do disappointing job numbers and peaking inflation mean for the economy going forward? Find out now.

Market perspectives: May 2021

Growth continues to pick up in the U.S. as the vaccine rollout continues, but some regions are lagging behind. Find out why.

Help make international investing less foreign for clients

Help make international investing less foreign for clients by comparing familiar U.S. companies to their international counterparts.

A timetable for overcoming COVID-19

The pace of vaccinations holds the key to achieving COVID-19 herd immunity and to economic recovery. Find out why.

Are international equities poised to take center stage?

Learn why the past outperformance of U.S. equities compared with international equities over the last decade is unlikely to continue in the next.

Baillie Gifford managers discuss their obsession with growth

In this Q&A, portfolio managers from Baillie Gifford discuss their top five observations on the global markets and thoughts on international growth investing.

Get expert insights into uncertain times

Get insights from industry thought leaders by viewing the replays of the 2020 Vanguard Advisor Symposium.

Vanguard readies for life after LIBOR

As this important financial industry benchmark will cease to exist after 2021, Vanguard has begun preparing to transition away from it.

Envisioning a post-pandemic future

The COVID-19 pandemic has immediate implications and others that will become clear and meaningful only over time.

2020 midyear economic highlights

Get highlights from our midyear global economic outlook and learn where the markets may go from here.

Vanguard economists discuss their global outlook

Vanguard economists take stock of how COVID-19 has reshaped their outlook for the economy and where they see markets going from here.

How can emerging markets get through the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt emerging markets a great challenge. The way out won't be easy. Nor is all lost.

Estimating the economic impact of the COVID-19 shock

COVID-19 has caused economic activity worldwide to fall sharply. A deep, short recession will likely be followed by a slow recovery.

The unwinding of pandemic debt

The low-interest-rate environment is a favorable backdrop for developed markets to retire pandemic-related debt.

Are liquidity and value heading for a rebound?

Antonio Picca analyzes the performance of value and liquidity during the 2020 market sell-off relative to their behavior during and after the GFC.

Four reasons to embrace global investing

Is investing overseas worth it? Check out these 4 compelling reasons to consider an allocation to international investments and how Vanguard ETFs can help.