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Live webcast: Midyear economic and market outlook

Our outlook for value? Brighter days ahead!

In a reversal from the past ten years, we expect value stocks to outperform growth stocks over the next decade.

Why regular rebalancing is key to maximizing factor premiums

Antonio Picca discuss how daily rebalancing leads to more consistent factor exposure and greater excess return potential.

Barron's awards Vanguard active top marks

Vanguard wins industrywide recognition, earning the number one fund family ranking for 5 and 10 years in Barron's Best Fund Families of 2020.

Estimated supplemental fund distributions

View the Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs that will distribute supplemental distributions.

Asset bubbles and where to find them

It's hard to identify an asset bubble. We assess whether future income scenarios can justify an asset's price.

Help make international investing less foreign for clients

Help make international investing less foreign for clients by comparing familiar U.S. companies to their international counterparts.

When stocks get ahead of fundamentals

Now is a good time to remind your clients to tune out the noise and stay the course.

Proposals approved for 6 Vanguard funds

Shareholders approve proposals to merge two value funds and to change the diversification status of five other funds.

Are international equities poised to take center stage?

Learn why the past outperformance of U.S. equities compared with international equities over the last decade is unlikely to continue in the next.

ESG and alpha: A look inside the numbers

Vanguard ISG research finds that ESG strategies record a wide range of returns and volatility levels.

Tax-loss harvesting: Who benefits the most?

Our research has identified optimal investor profiles and market environments and what questions should be asked to determine the benefits of tax-loss harvesting.

Baillie Gifford managers discuss their obsession with growth

In this Q&A, portfolio managers from Baillie Gifford discuss their top five observations on the global markets and thoughts on international growth investing.

2020 Schedule of dividend distributions

Use this schedule to determine when Vanguard funds expect to pay out dividends for 2020, excluding December payouts.

Pandemic-fueled market losses have you thinking end-of-year tax strategies?

Looking to minimize client's tax bills? Be aware of year-end tax-planning strategies and the benefits of a tax-efficient, low-cost Vanguard equity ETF.

Growth versus value: Will the tides change?

Despite a market correction earlier in the year, growth equity continued to dominate over value. What is driving it? And when will it end?

Is there a disconnect between the economy and the markets?

Vanguard believes that a fundamental reason exists for equity markets having bounced back so far from their pandemic-induced shock.

Shareholders to vote on merger, diversification changes

Proposals would merge Vanguard U.S. Value Fund into Vanguard Value Index Fund and change the diversification status of five other funds.

Two actively managed Vanguard equity funds to merge

Vanguard will simplify its lineup of actively managed value funds by merging Vanguard Capital Value Fund into Vanguard Windsor Fund in mid-2020.

Active approach gives factor ETFs an edge in times of market stress

Our factor expert, Antonio Picca, outlines how active management lets us rapidly position factor ETFs to best reflect ever-changing market conditions.