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Growth versus value: Will the tides change?

Is there a disconnect between the economy and the markets?

Vanguard believes that a fundamental reason exists for equity markets having bounced back so far from their pandemic-induced shock.

Shareholders to vote on merger, diversification changes

Proposals would merge Vanguard U.S. Value Fund into Vanguard Value Index Fund and change the diversification status of five other funds.

Two actively managed Vanguard equity funds to merge

Vanguard will simplify its lineup of actively managed value funds by merging Vanguard Capital Value Fund into Vanguard Windsor Fund in mid-2020.

Active approach gives factor ETFs an edge in times of market stress

Our factor expert, Antonio Picca, outlines how active management lets us rapidly position factor ETFs to best reflect ever-changing market conditions.

Quality factor performance during the downturn; size mattered

Large-cap ruled the day based on Antonio Picca's analysis of how the quality factor weathered recent market turmoil.

Four reasons to embrace global investing

Is investing overseas worth it? Check out these 4 compelling reasons to consider an allocation to international investments and how Vanguard ETFs can help.

Beyond the pandemic: What to expect from stocks, bonds

Vanguard outlines how its return expectations for stocks and bonds have changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Compare products tool gets powerful new enhancements

Advisors now have access to powerful enhancements to our Compare Products tool with new-and-improved key features.

Turn market losses into tax savings

Demonstrate your value during steep market downturns by checking clients' taxable accounts for opportunities to tax-loss harvest. Consider a highly correlated Vanguard ETF.

2020 Schedule of dividend distributions

Use this schedule to determine when Vanguard funds expect to pay out dividends for 2020, excluding December payouts.

How are major index providers handling upcoming rebalances

Vanguard's benchmark providers update their plans for upcoming scheduled rebalances in light of recent market volatility.

Estimated supplemental fund distributions

View estimated supplemental fund distributions for our mutual funds and ETFs.

Vanguard modifies Managed Payout Fund

Vanguard Managed Payout Fund will remove its payout feature and change its name to Vanguard Managed Allocation Fund.

Virtual forum replay: Your second chance for expert insights


Hear Vanguard experts discuss our 2020 economic and market outlook and answer advisors' questions by watching a replay of the live event.

  Watch video

2020 outlook resource guide

View and download a variety of resources to help you have deep conversations with clients about the economy and markets in 2020 and beyond.

We've lowered the cost on our S&P/Russell suite of ETFs

Expense ratio reductions announced on our S&P and Russell suite of ETFs, making them a competitive alternative for clients favoring those benchmarks.

When is dividend-focused investing the right strategy?

During times of economic and market uncertainty, dividend-focused investing shows its value. Learn about our lineup of low-cost dividend-focused ETFs and funds.

Distilling the differences between APs and ETF market makers: ETF Perspectives

When you make ETF trades it's important to know the difference between authorized participants and market makers.

The portfolio currency-hedging decision

This research paper offers a framework that puts the typical asset-class approach to currency hedging in a portfolio context.