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Advisor Symposium goes virtual, gives value

Elections matter, but not so much to clients' investments

Clients may worry about what an election means for their portfolios. This article provides research and resources to help alleviate their concerns.

How to conduct virtual meetings like a pro

Follow these best practices to help make your virtual meetings more efficient, effective, and impactful.

How the Fed could rewrite the rules for fixed income

The Federal Reserve's proposed shift to average inflation targeting could change the rules for fixed income investing, says Vanguard's Anne Mathias.

A snapshot of investor behavior during a downturn

In the midst of a historic downturn, Vanguard investors demonstrated the courage to commit to a long-term strategy.

Fee-based advice: Prepping for a successful transition

A package of materials to support advisors in making the transition to a fee-based practice.

Learn to overcome client investing biases

Vanguard Senior Advice Strategist Mike DiJoseph explains how advisors can overcome common human biases that can skew their clients’ decisions.

Coach retirement-age clients through volatility

Vanguard Senior Advice Strategist Mike DiJoseph explains how advisors can help coach pre-retirees and recent retirees through market downturns.

Effectively coach clients through market declines

Senior Advice Strategist Mike DiJoseph explains how advisors can use behavioral coaching to keep clients focused on their long-term goals during market downturns.

Two frameworks help simplify behavioral coaching

Vanguard Senior Advice Strategist Mike DiJoseph explains two simple behavioral coaching frameworks to help advisors build deeper trust with clients.

Use behavioral coaching to build trust with clients

Vanguard Senior Advice Strategist Mike DiJoseph explains the importance of behavioral coaching in helping advisors build trust with clients.

Spending guidelines to help ease retirees' market worries

Market volatility can threaten clients' ability to meet their spending needs in retirement. A dynamic spending strategy offers a layer of protection.

A message from Vanguard

Our message on recent events and ongoing efforts to address racial injustice and inequity.

Give your clients a confidence boost in today's environment

Vanguard Senior Advice Strategist Mike DiJoseph explains how to help clients manage their emotions and avoid costly investing mistakes.

Don't let headlines dictate clients’ investing decisions

As an advisor, you can ease clients' anxiety during a downturn by helping them ignore news headlines that might distract them from their goals.

Crucial client conversations during market downturns


Vanguard's CEO and head of Financial Advisor Services discuss best practices used by advisors to keep clients calm and committed to their long-term goals.

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How Vanguard prepares for the unexpected


Vanguard's CEO and CIO discuss the protocols in place to ensure business continuity and strong service for clients.

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A message on the markets from our CEO and CIO


Vanguard leaders share their perspectives on recent market volatility and implications for the global economy.

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CEO Tim Buckley on coronavirus and market volatility


Vanguard Chief Executive Officer Tim Buckley shares his perspective on recent market volatility.

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Talk to clients about market downturns

Help guide clients and their portfolios through market downturns. Use these customizable guides to frame your conversations.