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Guide clients on retiring in uncertain markets

Five investing principles that are built to last

Markets are unpredictable and investment fads come and go. Here’s some sound investing advice to help your clients achieve long-term financial success.

The potential for higher inflation: What can you do about it?

Advisors concerned about the potential for higher inflation should consider an allocation to Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities.

When stocks get ahead of fundamentals

Now is a good time to remind your clients to tune out the noise and stay the course.

"How America Invests" reveals affluent client behaviors

Vanguard research examines the investing habits of affluent investors, giving financial advisors a detailed benchmarking tool for their practice.

Keep clients on track with this year-end planning checklist

Advisors have an array of topics to cover for year-end planning with clients: from rebalancing to more complex activities such as charitable giving.

Get expert insights into uncertain times

Get insights from industry thought leaders by viewing the replays of the 2020 Vanguard Advisor Symposium.

Show clients the massive savings potential of HSAs

Health Savings Accounts’ favorable tax treatment makes them potentially powerful tools for helping your clients to build wealth.

The election, investing, and what really matters

The U.S. presidential election gives investors the chance to assess their comfort with uncertainty they know is coming.

How the Fed could rewrite the rules for fixed income

The Federal Reserve’s shift to average inflation targeting could change the rules for fixed income investing, says Vanguard’s Anne Mathias.

Elections matter, but not so much to clients' investments

Clients may worry about what an election means for their portfolios. This article provides research and resources to help alleviate their concerns.

How to conduct virtual meetings like a pro

Follow these best practices to help make your virtual meetings more efficient, effective, and impactful.

A snapshot of investor behavior during a downturn

In the midst of a historic downturn, Vanguard investors demonstrated the courage to commit to a long-term strategy.

Fee-based advice: Prepping for a successful transition

A package of materials to support advisors in making the transition to a fee-based practice.

Income and tax efficiency models can help optimize your time

Overview of two strategic model portfolio series: the Tax-Efficient Series and the Income Series.

Spending guidelines to help ease retirees' market worries

Market volatility can threaten clients' ability to meet their spending needs in retirement. A dynamic spending strategy offers a layer of protection.

Using models to outsource investment management


Supporting resources from our virtual Q&A event on Vanguard strategic model portfolios.

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A message from Vanguard

Our message on recent events and ongoing efforts to address racial injustice and inequity.

Benefiting from tax-loss harvesting

Read a recap of our recent Office Hours Q&A session on tax-loss harvesting with Vanguard Global Head of Advice.

Consider portfolio and planning clean-up in volatile markets

Staying the course does not have to mean standing still. This article highlights discussions advisors can have with clients during market volatility.