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How the SECURE Act could help investors save for retirement

Preliminary capital gains estimates

View the list of Vanguard funds that were expected, as of October 31, 2019, to distribute taxable capital gains in December 2019.

Clients should save more for retirement health care costs

Two Vanguard research papers offer practical perspectives on managing health care costs in retirement and using health savings accounts for health care expenses.

Are you looking to navigate the waves of market volatility?

With periods of wild market swings on the rise, we take a look at how Vanguard U.S. Minimum Volatility ETF can help reduce portfolio volatility.

Vanguard broadens access to Alternative Strategies Fund

Vanguard broadens access to Vanguard Alternative Strategies Fund, modifies its investment objective, and replaces its benchmark.

Manufacturing data fuel recession fears

Vanguard economists give their perspective on recent weakness in manufacturing and what it could mean for the broader economy.

ETF investing with ESG in mind

Rich Powers, Vanguard's head of ETF product management, talks about how ESG investing has grown and the role the strategy plays in investment portfolios.

Market perspectives: November 2019

The risk of a recession in 2020 is more than 50%. What other forces are affecting the outlook for the markets and economy going forward? Get Vanguard's take.

Risk speedometer: Extreme short-term pressure moderates

Vanguard's risk speedometers are our unique lens on investor behavior. This monthly update looks at September 2019 cash-flow data.

Clients confused about Medicare’s maze? This guide can help

Clients' task of choosing a Medicare option can appear daunting. Advisors can help them focus on the elements of coverage they find the most important.

Mark your calendar for year-end fund distributions

This schedule indicates when year-end estimates are expected to post to the site.

Active Fixed Income Perspectives: 3rd quarter 2019

It’s been a banner year for the fixed income market. Will robust concerns continue? Our fixed income teams weighs in on where they see the market heading.

Create connection with a more human LinkedIn® profile

Advisors can create a more human connection with clients using LinkedIn® and principles of Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha behavioral coaching.

Highlights of the 2019 Vanguard Investment Symposium

Read this article to get highlights of the 2019 Vanguard Investment Symposium, a high-impact event focused exclusively on home office professionals.

Is the dollar too strong?

Debate is intensifying about the U.S. dollar’s likely direction. Find out the implications for the global economy and portfolios.

A new SEC rule modernizes ETF regulation

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has adopted a new rule that modernizes and streamlines regulation of ETFs.

Risk speedometer: Lower bound holds amid uncertainty

Vanguard's risk speedometers are our unique lens on investor behavior. This monthly update looks at August 2019 cash-flow data.

Discovering Vanguard's new commodity fund

In this 16-minute podcast, Frank Chism, Vanguard senior product manager, lays out the ABCs of commodities investing and explains the ins and outs of Vanguard Commodity Strategy Fund, Vanguard's first foray into the world of futures-based commodities investing.

In this 16-minute podcast, Frank Chism, Vanguard senior product manager, lays out the ABCs of commodities investing and explains Vanguard Commodity Strategy Fund.

How big a rate cut? Fed takes uncertainty into account

Vanguard's Joe Davis looks at how uncertainty may shape the Federal Open Market Committee's thinking about short-term interest rates during their September meeting.

Vanguard’s global chief economist discusses the likelihood of a rate decrease at the September Fed meeting.

Why the bond and equity markets' economic outlooks differ

Vanguard experts explain why bond markets are flashing red while equity markets are not far from record highs and discuss the potential implications of this environment for investors.

Vanguard experts discuss why the bond markets are flashing red and the potential implications for investors.