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Four key ways ETFs show resilience in volatile markets

Beyond the pandemic: What to expect from stocks, bonds

Vanguard outlines how its return expectations for stocks and bonds have changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The downturn’s effect on actively managed bond funds

Video  |  Transcript available

Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley and John Hollyer, head of Global Fixed Income, discuss the economic outlook and application to Vanguard’s actively managed bond funds.

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Expect interest rates to stay lower, for longer

Video  |  Transcript available

Vanguard Chief Executive Officer Tim Buckley and John Hollyer, head of Global Fixed Income, discuss the outlook for interest rates and inflation.

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Inflation prospects amid the pandemic

Pandemic-induced supply constraints and fiscal infusions shouldn't have markets worried about runaway inflation.

Evaluating the risks of downgrades, defaults in bond markets

Video  |  Transcript available

Vanguard Chief Executive Officer Tim Buckley and John Hollyer, head of Global Fixed Income, discuss the risks of default or downgrades in the bond markets.

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The 'Great Fall' and the road to recovery

The economic effects unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic defy conventional labels. Here's how we’ll move forward.

Active Fixed Income Perspectives: The pandemic’s impact

Get expert analysis of the pandemic's impact on fixed income markets in the 1st quarter 2020 edition of Vanguard Active Fixed Income Perspectives.

Do your bond funds contain hidden risks?

Learn about hidden risks in active bond funds. Vanguard's low cost, true-to-label active bond funds can buffer clients' portfolios during downturns.

Model portfolios are built for times like these

An overview of how Vanguard's strategic model portfolios performed during the worst of the coronavirus crisis, as well as an explanation of the models' strategy and allocation process.

Will the stimulus efforts be enough?

Vanguard Senior Economist answers advisors' questions about the volatile markets and the changing global economy.

Global economies: What we see ahead

Vanguard economists believe the global economy is most likely already in recession and expect negative growth for 2020.

Turn market losses into tax savings

Demonstrate your value during steep market downturns by checking clients' taxable accounts for opportunities to tax-loss harvest. Consider a highly correlated Vanguard ETF.

Give your clients a confidence boost in today's environment

Vanguard Senior Advice Strategist Mike DiJoseph explains how to help clients manage their emotions and avoid costly investing mistakes.

Key insights into volatile fixed income markets


Get insights from Vanguard's CEO and Global Head of Rates about the current state of the bond markets.

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Liquidity focus moves to corporate bonds

Vanguard experts discuss bond market liquidity, what the future may hold, and potential implications for investors.

Don't let headlines dictate clients’ investing decisions

As an advisor, you can ease clients' anxiety during a downturn by helping them ignore news headlines that might distract them from their goals.

What the CARES Act means for the markets and the economy

The CARES Act: Explaining what's included in the $2 trillion stimulus package.

Crucial client conversations during market downturns


Vanguard's CEO and head of Financial Advisor Services discuss best practices used by advisors to keep clients calm and committed to their long-term goals.

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How are major index providers handling upcoming rebalances

Vanguard's benchmark providers update their plans for upcoming scheduled rebalances in light of recent market volatility.