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A message from Vanguard

Three reasons why muni bonds look appealing now

Turmoil in the muni bond market in March of 2020 opened up opportunities for investors as well as for the managers of Vanguard active municipal bond funds.

Beyond the pandemic: What to expect from stocks, bonds

Vanguard outlines how its return expectations for stocks and bonds have changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Market perspectives: June 2020

Vanguard expects a moderate recovery in the global economy in the second half of the year, but consumer demand may take some time to catch up.

The downturn’s effect on actively managed bond funds

Video  |  Transcript available

Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley and John Hollyer, head of Global Fixed Income, discuss the economic outlook and application to Vanguard’s actively managed bond funds.

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Expect interest rates to stay lower, for longer

Video  |  Transcript available

Vanguard Chief Executive Officer Tim Buckley and John Hollyer, head of Global Fixed Income, discuss the outlook for interest rates and inflation.

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Inflation prospects amid the pandemic

Pandemic-induced supply constraints and fiscal infusions shouldn't have markets worried about runaway inflation.

Fallen angels: The new high-yield bonds

The COVID-19 pandemic threatens to consign some of the growing BBB-rate bond market to high-yield status.

Benefiting from tax-loss harvesting

Read a recap of our recent Office Hours Q&A session on tax-loss harvesting with Vanguard Global Head of Advice.

Evaluating the risks of downgrades, defaults in bond markets

Video  |  Transcript available

Vanguard Chief Executive Officer Tim Buckley and John Hollyer, head of Global Fixed Income, discuss the risks of default or downgrades in the bond markets.

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How do bond ETFs behave when markets are extreme?

Fixed income ETF investors in March experienced some of the most extreme discounts seen across bond ETFs since the global financial crisis.

Consider portfolio and planning clean-up in volatile markets

Staying the course does not have to mean standing still. This article highlights discussions advisors can have with clients during market volatility.

Compare products tool gets powerful new enhancements

Advisors now have access to powerful enhancements to our Compare Products tool with new-and-improved key features.

The 'Great Fall' and the road to recovery

The economic effects unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic defy conventional labels. Here's how we’ll move forward.

Four key ways ETFs show resilience in volatile markets

Learn four key ways ETFs have proven their value in helping investors navigate the extreme market volatility sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Market perspectives: May 2020

See why Vanguard expects the global recession will be short, with growth turning positive in the second half.

Municipals rally pauses on headlines of state finances

Despite recent concerns about state and local government finances, Vanguard Head of Municipals Paul Malloy explains why the municipal bond market remains sound.

Why global recovery may not look like China's

China may be as much as a year ahead of most developed nations in economic normalization after the pandemic.

Active Fixed Income Perspectives: The pandemic’s impact

Get expert analysis of the pandemic's impact on fixed income markets in the 1st quarter 2020 edition of Vanguard Active Fixed Income Perspectives.

Vanguard closes Treasury Money Market Fund to new investors

Slowing cash flows to protect current shareholders from potential dilution of yields for short-term Treasury securities.