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Preliminary capital gains estimates

November 11, 2013


Mutual funds and ETFs typically distribute taxable capital gains to shareholders each December. Below is a list of Vanguard funds that were expected, as of October 31, 2013, to distribute taxable capital gains in December 2013.

To estimate the distribution for a fund on this list, multiply the fund's total per-share capital gains estimate by the number of shares your client owns.

These estimates are subject to change as we finalize our calculations for each fund. We plan to provide updated capital gains estimates for applicable funds—including short-term and long-term breakdowns of realized capital gains—later this month. In early December, we plan to provide final estimates, including estimated income, for all funds. Final distribution amounts will be added to our fund-distribution table and each fund's profile page after the fund's declaration date in December.

Note: Funds not listed did not expect, as of October 31, 2013, to distribute capital gains in December.

1. All share classes except ETF Shares

Vanguard fund Ticker2013 declaration date/record date2013 payable dateTotal per-share
capital gains estimate
% of NAV
Capital Opportunity Admiral™VHCAX12/1612/18$3.893.70%
Capital Opportunity InvestorVHCOX12/1612/18$1.683.69%
Capital ValueVCVLX12/1612/18$1.489.91%
Convertible SecuritiesVCVSX12/2412/27$0.875.95%
Diversified EquityVDEQX12/2412/27$0.190.65%
Dividend GrowthVDIGX12/1612/18$0.110.53%
Energy AdmiralVGELX12/1612/18$2.341.81%
Energy InvestorVGENX12/1612/18$1.251.81%
Equity Income AdmiralVEIRX12/1612/18$1.692.74%
Equity Income InvestorVEIPX12/1612/18$0.802.72%
Explorer™ AdmiralVEXRX12/1612/18$10.1510.10%
Explorer InvestorVEXPX12/1612/18$10.9010.10%
Explorer Value™VEVFX12/1612/18$2.086.53%
Extended Duration Treasury Index InstitutionalVEDTX12/1812/20$0.341.16%
Extended Duration Treasury Index Institutional PlusVEDIX12/1812/20$0.861.17%
Health Care AdmiralVGHAX12/1612/18$4.315.44%
Health Care InvestorVGHCX12/1612/18$10.215.44%
Intermediate-Term Bond Index AdmiralVBILX12/2012/24$0.080.70%
Intermediate-Term Bond Index InstitutionalVBIMX12/2012/24$0.080.70%
Intermediate-Term Bond Index Institutional PlusVBIUX12/2012/24$0.080.70%
Intermediate-Term Bond Index InvestorVBIIX12/2012/24$0.080.70%
Intermediate-Term Bond Index Signal®VIBSX12/2012/24$0.080.70%
Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond Index AdmiralVICSX12/2012/24$0.150.66%
Intermediate-Term Corporate Bond Index InstitutionalVICBX12/2012/24$0.190.68%
Intermediate-Term Government Bond Index AdmiralVSIGX12/2012/24$0.070.32%
Intermediate-Term Government Bond Index InstitutionalVIIGX12/2012/24$0.080.30%
Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade AdmiralVFIDX12/1612/18$0.111.11%
Intermediate-Term Investment-Grade InvestorVFICX12/1612/18$0.111.11%
Intermediate-Term Treasury AdmiralVFIUX12/1612/18$0.050.44%
Intermediate-Term Treasury InvestorVFITX12/1612/18$0.050.44%
International Explorer™VINEX12/1612/18$0.281.51%
LifeStrategy® Conservative GrowthVSCGX12/2412/27$0.100.55%
LifeStrategy GrowthVASGX12/2412/27$0.060.22%
LifeStrategy IncomeVASIX12/2412/27$0.080.55%
LifeStrategy Moderate GrowthVSMGX12/2412/27$0.070.31%
Long-Term Investment-Grade AdmiralVWETX12/1612/18$0.050.51%
Long-Term Investment-Grade InvestorVWESX12/1612/18$0.050.51%
Long-Term Treasury AdmiralVUSUX12/1612/18$0.090.78%
Long-Term Treasury InvestorVUSTX12/1612/18$0.090.78%
Mid-Cap GrowthVMGRX12/1612/18$2.549.88%
Morgan Growth AdmiralVMRAX12/1612/18$3.053.91%
Morgan Growth InvestorVMRGX12/1612/18$0.983.89%
Ohio Long-Term Tax-ExemptVOHIX12/2412/27$0.060.50%
PRIMECAP AdmiralVPMAX12/1612/18$3.904.09%
PRIMECAP InvestorVPMCX12/1612/18$3.754.09%
PRIMECAP CoreVPCCX12/1612/18$0.673.45%
Selected ValueVASVX12/1612/18$1.284.56%
Short-Term Bond Index AdmiralVBIRX12/2012/24$0.020.19%
Short-Term Bond Index InstitutionalVBITX12/2012/24$0.020.19%
Short-Term Bond Index Institutional PlusVBIPX12/2012/24$0.020.19%
Short-Term Bond Index InvestorVBISX12/2012/24$0.020.19%
Short-Term Bond Index SignalVBSSX12/2012/24$0.020.19%
Short-Term Corporate Bond Index AdmiralVSCSX12/2012/24$0.050.23%
Short-Term Corporate Bond Index InstitutionalVSTBX12/2012/24$0.070.26%
Short-Term Government Bond Index AdmiralVSBSX12/2012/24$0.020.10%
Short-Term Government Bond Index InstitutionalVSBIX12/2012/24$0.020.08%
Short-Term Investment-Grade AdmiralVFSUX12/1612/18$0.020.19%
Short-Term Investment-Grade InstitutionalVFSIX12/1612/18$0.020.19%
Short-Term Investment-Grade InvestorVFSTX12/1612/18$0.020.19%
Short-Term Treasury AdmiralVFIRX12/1612/18$0.010.09%
Short-Term Treasury InvestorVFISX12/1612/18$0.010.09%
Strategic Small-Cap EquityVSTCX12/2412/27$0.291.00%
Structured Broad Market InstitutionalVSBMX12/1612/18$1.374.01%
Structured Broad Market Institutional PlusVSBPX12/1612/18$2.744.01%
Target Retirement 2010VTENX12/2412/27$0.301.15%
Target Retirement 2015VTXVX12/2412/27$0.090.61%
Target Retirement 2020VTWNX12/2412/27$0.010.04%
Target Retirement 2025VTTVX12/2412/27$0.020.13%
Target Retirement 2030VTHRX12/2412/27$0.040.15%
Target Retirement 2040VFORX12/2412/27$0.010.04%
Target Retirement 2055VFFVX12/2412/27$0.010.03%
Target Retirement IncomeVTINX12/2412/27$0.221.74%
Total Bond Market Index AdmiralVBTLX12/2012/24$0.010.09%
Total Bond Market Index InstitutionalVBTIX12/2012/24$0.010.09%
Total Bond Market Index Institutional PlusVBMPX12/2012/24$0.010.09%
Total Bond Market Index InvestorVBMFX12/2012/24$0.010.09%
Total Bond Market Index SignalVBTSX12/2012/24$0.010.09%
Wellesley® Income AdmiralVWIAX12/1612/18$1.632.65%
Wellesley Income InvestorVWINX12/1612/18$0.672.64%
Wellington™ AdmiralVWENX12/2412/27$2.423.65%
Wellington InvestorVWELX12/2412/27$1.403.64%
Windsor™ II AdmiralVWNAX12/1612/18$1.442.24%
Windsor II InvestorVWNFX12/1612/18$0.812.24%

2. ETFs

Vanguard ETF®Ticker2013 declaration date2013 ex-dividend date2013 payable dateTotal per-share
capital gains estimate
% of NAV
Extended Duration TreasuryEDV12/1812/2012/27$1.131.17%
Intermediate-Term BondBIV12/2012/2412/31$0.600.71%
Intermediate-Term Corporate BondVCIT12/2012/2412/31$0.560.66%
Intermediate-Term Government Bond VGIT12/2012/2412/31$0.200.31%
Short-Term Bond BSV12/2012/2412/31$0.180.22%
Short-Term Corporate Bond VCSH12/2012/2412/31$0.200.25%
Short-Term Government Bond VGSH12/2012/2412/31$0.060.10%
Total Bond Market BND12/2012/2412/31$0.060.07%


  • All investments are subject to risk, including possible loss of principal.
  • Past performance cannot be used to predict future results. To obtain the most recent performance data for Vanguard funds and ETFs, visit Investment products.
  • Vanguard ETF Shares are not redeemable with the issuing Fund other than in Creation Unit aggregations. Instead, investors must buy or sell Vanguard ETF Shares in the secondary market with the assistance of a stockbroker. In doing so, the investor may incur brokerage commissions and may pay more than net asset value when buying and receive less than net asset value when selling.

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