Exciting changes coming to Vanguard's large transaction reporting process

March 27, 2019


Feedback over the years has highlighted a number of opportunities to improve the large transaction reporting process. Vanguard is committed to delivering a world-class experience to our clients and has acknowledged the need to review the process.

In 2018, a cross-functional project team was created with the explicit objective to remove unnecessary pain points and make it easier for clients to notify Vanguard about large transactions. Thanks to client feedback and collaboration, we're excited to share that we're simplifying the reporting process. Project Manager Jana Ulrich provides an overview of the changes in this short video.

What's changing?

With your help, we've learned a lot over the last few months. Here's a summary of what has changed and what's on the horizon:

  • We've streamlined the prenotification process, removing nonvalue-added touchpoints throughout the experience. Early results show a reduction in the number of touchpoints by more than 50%!
  • We've simplified the decision process, reducing client wait time for approvals. Initial efforts have doubled the number of automated trade approvals, providing clients with an immediate answer on their notifications.
  • When possible, we will reduce the additional questions that accompany some notifications, both on the trade date and the day after.

While this is a good start, we realize more can be done to improve our process and remove unnecessary steps for our clients. We will continue to leverage client feedback and look to deliver additional enhancements later this year.

Thanks again to those who participated in interviews and helped pilot these exciting changes. We look forward to finding more ways to improve the client experience.


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