Vanguard tops Forbes' annual list of best ETFs for investors

August 14, 2019


In Forbes' annual ranking of best ETFs, Vanguard earned top honors with 17 ETFs named to the magazine's honor roll—the best of the best—a select group of 63 ETFs with the highest scores for both cost and liquidity.

In addition to Forbes' honor roll recognition, Vanguard's entire suite of 80 ETFs appeared on the magazine's overall best ETFs list, including top spots in the following subcategories: Mid-Cap Diversified, Growth, and Value; Small-Cap Value; Consumer Discretionary; Dividend-Focused; Large-Cap and Small-Cap Foreign; and Regional Stocks.

In its rankings, Forbes considered only ETFs with $10 million or more in assets and expense ratios no higher than 0.40%. Forbes based the rankings on data from Morningstar, Bloomberg, and fund distributors.

  Ticker Expense ratio Inception date Holdings Total AUM
Vanguard U.S. stock ETFs
Communication Services VOX 0.10% 9/23/2004 114 $2.0B
Consumer Discretionary  VCR 0.10% 1/26/2004 304 $3.1B
Extended Market VXF 0.07% 12/27/2001 3,294 $7.1B
Growth VUG 0.04% 1/26/2004 310 $40.9B
High Dividend Yield  VYM 0.06% 11/10/2006 421 $24.6B
Mid-Cap Growth VOT 0.07% 8/17/2006 179 $6.4B
Mid-Cap Value VOE 0.07% 8/17/2006 208 $9.4B
Small-Cap Value VBR 0.07% 1/26/2004 872 $13.6B
Total Stock Market VTI 0.03% 5/24/2001 3,637 $116.3B
Vanguard U.S. bond ETFs
Short-Term Treasury VGSH 0.07% 11/19/2009 94 $5.2B
Total Bond Market BND 0.035% 4/3/2007 8,566 $41.5B
Vanguard international ETFs
FTSE All-World ex-US Small-Cap VSS 0.12% 4/2/2009 3,651 $5.5B
FTSE Developed Markets VEA 0.05% 7/20/2007 3,944 $72.5B
FTSE Europe VGK 0.09% 3/4/2005 1,350 $13.8B
FTSE Pacific VPL 0.09% 3/4/2005 2,324 $3.8B
Total International Bond BNDX 0.09% 5/31/2013 5,897 $18.3B
Global ex-U.S. Real Estate VNQI 0.12% 11/1/2010 631 $6.0B

Source: Vanguard, as of June 30, 2019.

Learn more about the ETF Honor roll.


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