Introducing Vanguard's Retirement Plan Comparison Tool

December 8, 2017


Are your plan participants saving enough for retirement? Are you offering your participants the right investment choices? How do your participants' account balances compare with those in other plans?

To help you address these and other questions, Vanguard has launched the Retirement Plan Comparison Tool. Harnessing the power of Vanguard's annual How America Saves publication, you can now compare your retirement plan with all other plans and industries recordkept by Vanguard.

Put the power of your plan data to work for you

The Retirement Plan Comparison Tool leverages the rich data from How America Saves to help you make more informed decisions about your plan.

You can use the new tool on any compatible device to:

  • Interact with and manipulate industry and plan data to create insightful comparisons and make more effective plan decisions.
  • View the retirement savings behavior of 4-million-plus Vanguard-recordkept plan participants to track historical trends and benchmark employee benefits.
  • Build, analyze, and share customized reports.

How does your plan stack up?

To help put your plan data into better context, you’ll pick a topic to benchmark against, including:

  • Participation rates
  • Deferral rates
  • Account balances
  • Target-date funds
  • Types of investments

For a more in-depth comparison, you can select characteristics such as:

  • Industry
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Region

There's also an option to create a report that can be downloaded and shared for further analysis.

Try the new tool today and find out how your plan stacks up.


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