5 keys to understanding investor behavior

February 22, 2018


We partnered with Spectrem Group, an industry leader in primary investor research, to gain insight into the latest trends in the outlook and behavior of more than 10,000 affluent investors. Spectrem conducted additional research on the advisor-client relationship and on the investing behavior of affluent female clients.

What's on the minds of today's investors? What keeps them up at night? How important is it for their portfolios to include "socially responsible" investments?

"Investors have many concerns that impact their investment decisions, from current finances to future matters, from family health to personal health," said Spectrem President George H. Walper Jr. "Such concerns often follow a pattern based on an investor's demographics, like age and wealth level, and advisors who are knowledgeable about the impact of outside stressors on investors from a specific segment of the population can better address the needs of that specific client."

Here are five key findings of the research, along with action steps advisors can take when communicating with clients.

Gaining an understanding of investors' behavior, along with their concerns, gives you insight into how you can provide a higher level of client service.

Additional materials

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