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Estimated supplemental fund distributions
View the Vanguard mutual funds and ETFs that will distribute supplemental distributions.

Information for specific Vanguard funds »

Here you'll find fund-specific tax information to help you prepare your tax returns. Get information on year-end fund distributions, U.S. government obligations, and much more.

Prior-year tax data »

View historical tax information.

Tax information for U.K. investors in U.S.-domiciled ETFs »

Use this information to prepare your returns.

State-specific tax information »

View state-specific tax information related to certain Vanguard funds, such as municipal bond funds.

Foreign tax credit worksheets for eligible Vanguard funds »

If you need to provide clients with detailed tax information on Vanguard funds that pass through foreign taxes to shareholders, use these worksheets to help clients prepare IRS Form 1116.

Qualified dividend income—2013 year-end figures »

View year-end qualified dividend income (QDI) for applicable Vanguard mutual funds for 2013.

Qualified dividend income—Year-to-date estimates »

View qualified dividend income (QDI) for applicable Vanguard mutual funds.

ICI files »

View 2013 Investment Company Institute (ICI) tax-reporting information.

Contact Vanguard »



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