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Windsor II Fund Inv

Windsor II Fund Adm

Windsor Fund Investor

Windsor Fund Admiral

Wellington Fund Inv

Wellington Fund Admiral

Wellesley Income Fund Inv

Wellesley Income Fund Adm

Value Index Signal

Value Index Fund Inv

Value Index Fund Inst

Value Index Fund Adm

Value ETF

Utilities Index Fund Adm

Utilities ETF

U.S. Value Fund

U.S. Growth Fund Investor

U.S. Growth Fund Admiral

Total World Stock Idx Ist

Total World Stock Idx Inv

Total World Stock ETF

Total Stock Mkt Ix Signal

Total Stock Mkt Idx Inv

Total Stock Mkt Idx Inst

Total Stock Mkt Idx Adm

Total Stock Market ETF

Total Intl Stock Ix Inv

Total Intl Stock ETF

Total Bond Mkt Ix Ist Pls

Total Bond Mkt Index Inv

Total Bond Mkt Index Inst

Total Bond Mkt Index Adm

Total Bond Mkt Idx Signal

Total Bond Market ETF

Tot Intl Stock Ix Signal

Tot Intl Stock Ix Inst Pl

Tot Intl Stock Ix Inst

Tot Intl Stock Ix Admiral

Tot Intl Bond Ix Investor

Tot Intl Bond Ix Institl

Tot Intl Bond Ix Admiral

Tot Intl Bond ETF

Tot Bond Mkt II Indx Inv

Tot Bond Mkt II Indx Inst

Telecommun Serv ETF

Telecom Services Idx Adm

Tax-Managed Small-Cap Adm

Tax-Managed Sm-Cap Inst

Tax-Managed Gro&Inc Inst

Tax-Managed Gr & Inc Adm

Tax-Managed Cap App Inst

Tax-Managed Balanced Adm

Tax-Managd Cap Apprec Adm

Tax-Exempt Money Mkt

Target Retirement Income

Target Retirement 2060

Target Retirement 2055

Target Retirement 2050

Target Retirement 2045

Target Retirement 2040

Target Retirement 2035

Target Retirement 2030

Target Retirement 2025

Target Retirement 2020

Target Retirement 2015

Target Retirement 2010

Struct L-C Equity Inst Pl

Struct L-C Equity Inst

Struct Broad Mkt Inst Pl

Struct Broad Market Inst

Strategic Sm-Cap Equity

Strategic Equity Fund

STerm InflatPro Sec ETF

STerm Inf Pro Sec Idx Inv

STerm Inf Pro Sec Idx Ins

STerm Inf Pro Sec Idx Adm


Small-Cap Value Index

Small-Cap Value Idx Inst

Small-Cap Value ETF

Small-Cap Val Idx Admiral

Small-Cap Index Signal

Small-Cap Index Fund Inv

Small-Cap Index Fund Inst

Small-Cap Index Fund Adm

Small-Cap Growth Idx Inv

Small-Cap Growth Idx Inst

Small-Cap Growth ETF

Small-Cap Gr Idx Admiral

Small-Cap ETF

Sm-Cap Index Inst Plus

Short-Term Treasury Inv

Short-Term Treasury Adm

Short-Term Tax-Exempt Inv

Short-Term Tax-Exempt Adm

Short-Term Invest-Gr Inst

Short-Term Invest-Gr Adm

Short-Term Govmt Bond ETF

Short-Term Gov Bond Ix Is

Short-Term Gov Bond Ix Ad

Short-Term Federal Inv

Short-Term Federal Adm

Short-Term Corp Bond ETF

Short-Term Corp Bnd Ix Is

Short-Term Corp Bnd Ix Ad

Short-Term Bond Index Sig

Short-Term Bond Index Inv

Short-Term Bond Index Adm

Short-Term Bond ETF

Selected Value Fund

S-Term Bond Index Inst

S-T Investment-Grade Inv

S-T Bond Idx Inst Plus

S&P Small-Cap 600 Val ETF

S&P Small-Cap 600 Idx Ist

S&P Small-Cap 600 Gro ETF

S&P Small-Cap 600 ETF

S&P Sm-Cap 600 Val Ix Ist

S&P Sm-Cap 600 Gro Ix Ist

S&P Mid-Cap 400 Value ETF

S&P Mid-Cap 400 Val Ix Is

S&P Mid-Cap 400 Index Ist

S&P Mid-Cap 400 Gro Ix Is

S&P Mid-Cap 400 Gro ETF

S&P Mid-Cap 400 ETF

S&P 500 Value Index Inst

S&P 500 Value ETF

S&P 500 Growth Index Inst

S&P 500 Growth ETF

S&P 500 ETF

Russell 3000 Index Inst

Russell 3000 ETF

Russell 2000 Value Inst

Russell 2000 Value ETF

Russell 2000 Index Inst

Russell 2000 Growth Inst

Russell 2000 Growth ETF

Russell 2000 ETF

Russell 1000 Value Inst

Russell 1000 Value ETF

Russell 1000 Index Inst

Russell 1000 Growth Inst

Russell 1000 Growth ETF

Russell 1000 ETF

REIT Index Fund Signal

REIT Index Fund Inv

REIT Index Fund Inst

REIT Index Fund Adm


PRIMECAP Fund Investor

PRIMECAP Fund Admiral


Prime Money Mkt Fund Inst

Prime Money Mkt Fund

Precious Metals & Mining

Pacific Stock Index Inv

Pacific Stock Index Inst

Pacific Stock Index Adm

Pacific Stock Idx Signal

Pac Stock Index Inst Plus

PA Tax-Exempt Money Mkt

PA LT Tax-Exempt Investor

PA LT Tax-Exempt Admiral

OH Tax-Exempt Money Mkt

OH LT Tax-Exempt Fund

NY Tax-Exempt Money Mkt

NY LT Tax-Exempt Investor

NY LT Tax-Exempt Admiral

NJ Tax-Exempt Money Mkt

NJ LT Tax-Exempt Investor

NJ LT Tax-Exempt Admiral

Mortgage-Backed Sec Ix Is

Mortgage-Backed Sec Ix Ad

Mortgage-Backed Sec ETF

Morgan Growth Fund Inv

Morgan Growth Fund Adm

Mid-Cap Value Index Inv

Mid-Cap Value ETF

Mid-Cap Val Idx Admiral

Mid-Cap Index Signal

Mid-Cap Index Inst Plus

Mid-Cap Index Fund Inv

Mid-Cap Index Fund Inst

Mid-Cap Index Fund Adm

Mid-Cap Growth Index Inv

Mid-Cap Growth Fund

Mid-Cap Growth ETF

Mid-Cap Gr Idx Admiral

Mid-Cap ETF

Mega Cap Value Ix Ist

Mega Cap Value ETF

Mega Cap Index Ist

Mega Cap Grwth Ix Ist

Mega Cap Growth ETF

Mega Cap ETF

Materials Index Fund Adm

Materials ETF

Market Neutral Investor

Market Neutral Inst

Managed Payout Fund

MA Tax-Exempt Fund

Ltd-Term Tax-Exempt Inv

Ltd-Term Tax-Exempt Adm

Long-Term Treasury Inv

Long-Term Treasury Adm

Long-Term Tax-Exempt Inv

Long-Term Tax-Exempt Adm

Long-Term Invest-Gr Inv

Long-Term Invest-Gr Adm

Long-Term Govmt Bond ETF

Long-Term Gov Bond Ix Ist

Long-Term Gov Bond Ix Adm

Long-Term Corp Bond Ix Is

Long-Term Corp Bond Ix Ad

Long-Term Corp Bond ETF

Long-Term Bond Index Inst

Long-Term Bond Index

Long-Term Bond ETF

LifeStrategy Mod Growth

LifeStrategy Income Fund

LifeStrategy Growth Fund

LifeStrategy Consrv Grwth

Large-Cap Index Signal

Large-Cap Index Fund Inv

Large-Cap Index Fund Inst

Large-Cap Index Fund Adm

Large-Cap ETF

L-Term Bond Idx Inst Plus

Ist Tt St Mk Idx Ist Plus

Internatl Explorer Fund

International Value Fund

International Growth Inv

International Growth Adm

Inter-Term Treasury Inv

Inter-Term Treasury Adm

Inter-Term Tax-Exempt Inv

Inter-Term Tax-Exempt Adm

Inter-Term Invest-Gr Adm

Inter-Term Govmt Bond ETF

Inter-Term Gov Bond Ix Is

Inter-Term Gov Bond Ix Ad

Inter-Term Corp Bond ETF

Inter-Term Corp Bnd Ix Is

Inter-Term Corp Bnd Ix Ad

Inter-Term Bond Index Sig

Inter-Term Bond Index Inv

Inter-Term Bond Index Adm

Inter-Term Bond Idx Inst

Inter-Term Bond ETF

Inst Ttl Stk Mkt Idx Inst

Inst Index Fund Inst Plus

Inst Index Fund Inst

Information Tech Idx Adm

Information Tech ETF

Inflation-Protect Sec Inv

Inflation-Protect Sec Adm

Infla-Protected Sec Inst

Industrials Index Admiral

Industrials ETF

I-Term Bond Idx Inst Plus

I-T Investment-Grade Inv

High-Yield Tax-Exempt Inv

High-Yield Tax-Exempt Adm

High-Yield Corp Fund Inv

High-Yield Corp Fund Adm

High Dividend Yld Idx Inv

High Dividend Yield ETF

Health Care Index Admiral

Health Care Fund Inv

Health Care Fund Adm

Health Care ETF

Growth Index Signal

Growth Index Fund Inv

Growth Index Fund Inst

Growth Index Fund Adm

Growth ETF

Growth and Income Inv

Growth and Income Adm

GNMA Fund Investor Shares

GNMA Fund Admiral Shares

Global Min Vol Investor

Global Min Vol Admiral

Global ex-US Real Est ETF

Global Equity Fund

Gbl ex-US Real Est Ix Ist

Gbl ex-US Real Est Ix Inv

Gbl ex-US Real Est Ix Adm

FTSE Social Index Inv

FTSE Social Index Inst

FTSE Pacific ETF


FTSE Emerging Markets ETF

FTSE Developed Mkts ETF

FTSE AW xUS Sm-Cp Idx Ist

FTSE AW xUS Sm-Cp Idx Inv


FTSE All-World ex-US Ist

FTSE All-World ex-US Inv

FTSE All-World ex-US ETF

FTSE All World ex-US Adm

FTSE A-W ex-US Ix Inst Pl

Financials Index Fund Adm

Financials ETF

Federal Money Mkt Fund

Extended Mkt Index Signal

Extended Mkt Index Inv

Extended Mkt Index Inst

Extended Mkt Index Adm

Extended Market ETF

Ext Mkt Index Inst Plus

Ext Duration Treasury ETF

Ext Dur Treasury Idx IsPl

Ext Dur Treasury Idx Inst

Explorer Value Fund

Explorer Fund Investor

Explorer Fund Admiral

European Stock Index Sig

European Stock Index Inv

European Stock Index Inst

European Stock Index Adm

Euro Stock Ix Inst Plus

Equity Income Fund Inv

Equity Income Fund Adm

Energy Index Fund Admiral

Energy Fund Investor

Energy Fund Admiral

Energy ETF

Emrg Mkts Select Stk Fund

Emerging Mkts Stk Ix Inst

Emerging Mkts Stk Idx Sig

Emerging Mkts Stk Idx Inv

Emerging Mkts Stk Idx Adm

Em Mkt Gov Bond Ix Inv

Em Mkt Gov Bond Ix Instl

Em Mkt Gov Bond Ix Adm

Em Mkt Gov Bond ETF

Em Markets Inx Inst Plus

Dividend Growth Fund

Dividend Apprec Idx Inv

Dividend Apprec Idx Adm

Dividend Apprec ETF

Diversified Equity Inv

Developed Markets Idx Ist

Developed Markets Idx Inv

Devel Markets Idx Admiral

Dev Mkt Index Inst Plus

Convertible Securities

Consumer Staples Idx Adm

Consumer Staples ETF

Consumer Discret Idx Adm

Consumer Discret ETF

Capital Value Fund

Capital Opportunity Inv

Capital Opportunity Adm

CA Tax-Exempt Money Mkt

CA LT Tax-Exempt Investor

CA LT Tax-Exempt Admiral

CA IT Tax-Exempt Investor

CA IT Tax-Exempt Admiral

Balanced Index Signal

Balanced Index Fund Inv

Balanced Index Fund Inst

Balanced Index Fund Adm

Admiral Trsy Money Mkt

500 Index Fund Signal

500 Index Fund Inv

500 Index Fund Adm


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