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Research & commentary

Chief Economist Joseph H. Davis, Ph.D., evaluates the outlook for interest rates.

The notion—that every trade has two sides—is trivially true in financial markets. But it’s also a quite simple idea that offers us several lessons.

Visit the Trading section of the ETF Knowledge CenterTM for information on lots of ETF trading topics, as well as downloadable ETF trading-related materials.


Portfolio Analytics  

Create, analyze, and compare portfolios for your clients.

Compare characteristics

Simultaneously compare attributes of up to four products or benchmarks.

ETF strategic models  

Choose from a range of ETF portfolios across the risk/return spectrum.

Cost simulation

Analyze ETF and mutual fund costs: measure holding period break-even points.

Screen products

Evaluate ETFs and mutual funds across a broad range of characteristics.

Find similar Vanguard products

Find Vanguard ETFs and funds that are similar to non-Vanguard products.


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